Thursday, January 29, 2009

Artis Jual Diri?

Hi Beautiful Readers,

Just Now I went to see my brother Vern @ Mr Manager, I wanted to bring him to Delicious, Bangsar to eat his Tiramisu cake but i terlelap at 6.30pm and woke up around 11pm.. still i sms-ed him

(S= Me V= Vernon)

S: Dear, Im sorry, i terlelap as the whether outside and my room temperature really wanted me to sleep, blame my room dont blame me ..

V: its ok dear, there's always tomorrow... just come if u still wants to see me.. we can go makan somewhere else I'm hungry..

S: ok, i get ready now yea...owh by the way i found out a place where u can get the best tiramisu cake in town..

V: where?

S: hehe tak bleh bgtau ill blind fold u and bring u there..

Vern: whatever! cepat la~ aku lapar

so i got myself ready and quickly jumped in to the car and drove and sampai to his lobby.. waited for him for about 15 mins. while i was waiting, i listened to my Doa (CINTA by Nikki) and he arrived lenggang kangkong with a parcel.. he gave it to me and i was like pelik...

S: hm.. dear, its your name on it.. u bukak la

V: bukak dan pakai...

S: No u open it.. Maybe someone dengki and anta anthrax to u ke... nanti i yang mati..

V: hahahhaha~ ada lagi ke orang anta anthrax zaman nih?.. its from Sasha la syed!

S: oh ye ke?.. nape tak bukak sendiri?.. hm.. Ape dalam nih?(seraya membuka parcel ittew dengan rakusnya...)

I saw a black tshirt and a note book... and i quickly said...

S: No!

V: Please dear, wear it... Lets help to promote her programme contest

S: ish~ what programme?

V: We're promoting Sasha's television programme on TV3, DANSA, every Saturday night for the next 11 weeks. And she has a competition at her blog to give away the t-shirt and notebook to her readers.

S: No! It's too lose.

V: Just wear the damn t-shirt!

S: Nape Pakse pakse i nih~

V: Look, I'll pay you. And we'll pin the back and pull it in so it'll look tight, vain pot.

S: I'm not a vain pot.

V: OK, put it this way. If you don't wear the t-shirt, you will hurt Sasha's feelings. Do you want to hurt Sasha's feelings?

S: I guess not.

V: So wear the t-shirt, hold the notebook and let me take the photos.

S: OK, let me pose. Normally I charge professional modeling fees, but for Sasha, I'll do it for free.

V: Amboi. Kelas sangat lah. Pose, cepat.

S: Too bright. Try without flash.

V: And this?

S: My side profile too fat. Sekali lagi.

V: Better?

S: What's wrong with my eyes? Sekali lagi.

V: I think this is fine lah.

S: One more time. Too close up lah.

V: Dah! Dah! Dah! Aku nak balik. Nak siapkan entry baru pasal Nikki dan Nubhan jual diri.

S: Hah? Nikki jual diri? Nubhan jual diri?

V: Iya. Kat acara lelong Berita Harian on Saturday, from 3pm onwards at Amcorp Mall, PJ. For Tabung Gaza.

S: Biaq betui depa nak juai diri, chek!

V: Betui! Depa juai diri for one hour of their time lah. They will do anything for the buyer for one hour. Nak cuci kereta ka, nak basuh pinggan ka, nak bawak shopping angkat beg ka, nak pi tengok wayang ka, whatever lah. Janji tak melanggar undang undang dan tak menjatuhkan maruah depa, sudah. And tak semestinya buat on the spot lepas lelong. Beli depa dulu. Then fix time and next week laksanakan tugas masing masing.

S: Sape sape boleh beli depa?

V: Yup. Sape sape. Orang ramai diminta datang beramai ramai ke Amcorp Mall, PJ pada Sabtu 31 Januari jam 3 petang untuk membeli Nikki dan Nubhan. Harga lelong start at RM50 kot.

S: Kalau ada orang datang dengan seribu ringgit, beli seribu ringgit, camana?

V: Dia menanglah lelong tu.

S: Gimmick lah tu.

V: No, not gimmick. Nikki and Nubhan will really sell their time of one hour to the highest bidder to help raise funds for a very good cause. Ko ado?

S: Ado. Aku angkat beg depa masa depa juai diri! Hehehehehehahahahahahohohohohoh!

V: Budak budak.

S: Budak budak? No, Nikki bukan budak budak. Dah tunang uols! Tak caya? Ni hah, baca kat sini. Lalalalalala...

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So lepas tue, we went to eat nasi lemak antarabangsa, and makan our favourite nasi lemak together...

some Pictures & Wordings in this blogs are courtesy of Vernon Kedit Jolly.


Anonymous said...

abg syed.... cantiq lah baju tu... ok sgt2.. hahaha.. ada nak lagi nak juga tolong pomote depa ni.. he3

moeydean said...

me the cloth...but i confius??which shasha??shasha elite or shasha beyonce???

Syso said...

sasha bashir...pengacara tv3

Kurt Kuden said...

ayoo.. update la bunggg

Kurt Kuden said...

dah berhabuk dah blog ni.. update update