Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Love is Cinta

Thank you for supporting me and also for your positive feedback towards my 1st post.I shall address my readers as Beautiful readers from now onwards..Thanks to my Brother Vern, u helped me a lot.

Beautiful Readers,

The lyrics attached here is actually from a beautiful song titled CINTA by Nikki Palikat From her latest album HAWA which happened to be my favorite track. Written by Azalea a brilliant lyricist.

I must say that this song is like a prayer.. A DOA for those searching for his/her true love. It is my doa... Cuba dengar the words and the song, don't u want a true love without dendam and Amarah.. im almost sure that you'll love it...get the album in store near you... its the last track in the album...

the poem is in 1 corinthians 13:3-8:
Love is always patient and kind it is never jealous love is never boastful or conceited it is never rude or selfish it does not take offense and is not resentful love takes no pleasure in other peoples sins, but delight the truth it is always ready to excuse to trust to hope and to endure in whatever comes..

Gosh i want to be in love again..but the question is will we ever find True Love?

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fadzlicious said...

teringat kata-kata Angelina Jolie ketika melakonkan watak supermodel malang Gia Carangi di dalam biopik HBO 'Gia', "It's easy to find sex in this city, but not love." Ataupun kata-kata yang sama maksud dengannya.

Jadi Memang mudah untuk memuaskan daging kamu di bawah sana, tapi untuk daging yang di belakang dada kamu memang agak sukar.kerana kamu tahu daging di bawah dada itu sudah seakan busuk. Kalau tak busuk pun sudah keras akibat suhu yang terlampau sejuk, dan sudah sukar untuk dinyahbekukan. Tepu dan keras.
(Ada ke orang pakai istilah 'nyahbeku'?)